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Short Bio that can be copied and pasted: Nathalie Gosset, EE, MS, MBA is Sr. Director, Marketing and Technology Innovation Evaluation at the Alfred E Mann Institute at the University of Southern California, where she is responsible for estimating the commercial value of innovations.  Ms. Gosset has over 25 years of experience in the development and commercialization of technology-based products. Ms. Gosset has weaved engineering, marketing, and business throughout her professional life. Prior to AMI, she was the Vice President of Engineering at Sabeus and Director of Engineering at Novera. She enjoyed working in startup companies as well as for large corporations. At Alcatel after ten years in optical design engineering, she became Director of the Program Management Office overseeing the activities of about 600 engineers. She had received several prestigious IEEE awards, Engineer of the Year from the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Buenaventura Section as well as several global service awards for her volunteer work with the biomedical global community. Ms. Gosset holds a BSEE from ISEP (Paris, France); MS in Telecommunications (Boulder, CO); MBA (University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN).



Talk Descriptions


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Description for the Technologies of the Future

Technology keeps evolving at warp speed and challenging the way we work and the way we think. In this continuously changing landscape, professional relevance requires keeping an eye on what the future is bringing and understanding how to best align with the potential of new technologies. Nathalie Gosset is a sought after keynote speaker on matters related to the Future and the evolution of technology. She is frequently invited by companies, universities, and state agencies to present her insights when they need to develop competitive edges to product rollouts, educational programs, or workforce development. Ms. Gosset believes that each person is responsible for maintaining their own professional relevance and provides multiple approaches to keep a fresh career profile.


Description for Jobs of the Future

How can we adequately plan for the jobs of the future? What should colleges teach today for jobs 5, 10 or 15 years from now? How should we train current professionals to respond to new jobs that do not exist yet? How should we read today’s signs to predict what the job landscape will be in the next few years? Nathalie Gosset, EE, MS, MBA is Sr. Director, Marketing and Technology Innovation Evaluation at the Alfred E. Mann Institute at the University of Southern California and “futurist”, will give an overview of what is coming up in the job market in the next 20 years, will discuss the jobs that do not exist yet but will be available within five years and beyond, the skills required to succeed in these new jobs, the types of courses that should be taught today in preparation of this new wave of jobs, and the research work needed to support the new economic development. The keynote address will also discuss ways to help current workforce realign with upcoming trends.

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