May 3, 2014.IEEE Southern Area

 IEEE Region 6 Southern Area Meeting Gathers IEEE Student Branch Leaders, Directors, and Section Leaders on the UCLA Campus for Planning and Competitions

... The luncheon keynote speaker, Nathalie Gosset, Sr. Director of Technology Assessment at the Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering at USC and futurist speaker, will push the minds to new horizons of technical possibilities that will excite novices and seasoned engineers alike.



Mar 19, 2014, Trending Now:  Nathalie Gosset Presented the "Future Technology Evolution – Robotics and Beyond" at the California Lutheran University on Mar 19.


Mar 14, 2014: Biz Wire Express:
Nathalie Gosset Talked to Parents of 5th to 9th Graders on Mar 8 and Discussed New Career Paths That Will be Present for Their Children When They Graduate from College


Nov 25, 2013: Alfred E. Mann Institute

A Moment of Inspiration with Nathalie Gosset During the General Session on Fri Nov. 22nd at the 24th Annual Career Technical Education (CTE) Fall Conference



Nov 6, 2013: The Trading Pulse

Nathalie Gosset, Michael Greenberg and David Harvilicz Shared Their Insights About Equity Crowdfunding during a Southern California Biomedical Conference on Nov 6



Oct 4, 2013 BBC Report London: Nathalie Gosset, keynote speaker and a futurist with the mission to encourage her audience to remain relevant to the need of their industry, gave an overview of what is coming up in the job market in the next 20 years, discussed the jobs that do not exist yet but will be available within five years and beyond


Oct 12: Steven Sands Blog: Jobs Of The Future Presentation By Nathalie Gosset. I attended a terrific presentation, Monday, by USC Futurist, Nathalie Gosset. She believes students in college today need to prepare for jobs that do not exist today with technologies not yet invented.


Feb 21, 2010 Workforce Press: ... Ms. Gosset’s one hour delivery mesmerized the audience with rich visuals, and short movie clips, to provide insights into the upcoming industry trends discussing the type of new jobs that do not exist yet but will be with us within 2 to 5 years, the education required to prepare for these new jobs, and the research work required to be ready. Ms. Gosset shared her perspective on best practices to keep professional skills sharp enough to weather the turmoil of the economical crisis and the acceleration of the development of many industries


Feb 16, 2010 - Testimonial Douglas E. Howe, Practitioner Faculty, Entrepreneurship, Graziadio School of Business and Management
Pepperdine University, Malibu, California

Nathalie Gosset has added great value to the MBA classes I teach at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management. On several occasions, I have invited her to lecture to my classes in Marketing Entrepreneurial Ventures and Global Marketing on the key subject of “jobs of the future” that have not yet been invented. Her lecture presents a critical and creative way of thinking about future trends and the importance of understanding the direction and velocity of activities, how to position oneself to take advantage of forward-looking developments and to understand their impact on career development. Ms. Gosset’s expertise adds an exciting and inspiring perpsective for my students as they prepare to embark on innovative career directions.

Jan 3, 2010: Andrew Choi's Blog, Meeting Nathalie Gosset ....

Jun 30, 2009 The Herald, by Mary Claypool, Mind Your Own Business: If you've ever wondererd what the next wave of technology will bring, you would have enjoyed a presentation by Nathalie Gosset earlier this month at the Business Council's Annual Economic Development Conference,.... [link to article]

Nov 17, 2009 The Signal, Santa Clarita Valley

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Keynote address on nanotechnology for biomedical application






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